Vickie Wilson, VP Operations at Advanced Systems Group


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Vickie Wilson

Vickie Wilson first joined Advanced Systems Group (ASG) in 1985 as a member of the accounting department, working on all aspects of the new company's operations. Recognizing her value, the management team quickly promoted Vickie to Operations Manager. She was soon promoted once again to Director of Operations. Management elevated Vickie to her current top position in the company, Vice President of Operations in 1999. Today, Vickie manages a large team of nine direct reports and another team of seven individuals who indirectly report to her.

As the Vice President of Operations, Vickie is very involved in new company initiatives and the development of new processes and procedures. Throughout her career, Vickie has kept the company's internal operations updated with the latest technology, thereby enhancing teamwork, encouraging faster and more accurate communication, and streamlining document management applications.

She regularly facilitates the implementation of new software and other technical changes in the operations environment—based on her belief that this ongoing change fosters the opportunity to develop new fresh ideas, even within a small operations department.